Ireland’s 4 Drafts yield very little impact

As someone wrote in a comment in a blog, it’s easy to say, in hindsight, who Ireland should have picked so, instead, let’s take a look at who Ireland did pick.

The Miami Dolphins under GM Jeff Ireland made 33 picks in the 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 Drafts.

As of 4/24/12:

17 are still with the Dolphins.

Only three have had an immediate and last impacting, starting as rookies – Jake Long, Vontae Davis, and Mike Pouncey.

14 are back-ups for the Dolphins.

10 picks are now playing for other teams, but, aren’t starting or making an impact.

5 picks are out of the league.


That means that Ireland selected back-ups or players who couldn’t play in the NFL with 29 of 33 picks.

2008 Draft:  Impact player – Jake Long;  Long is the only draft pick still with the team as of 4/24/12.

2009 Draft: Impact player – Vontae Davis; team is looking for a corner to challenge/ replace Sean Smith; Hartline is a good #3  WR; Chris Clemons is a back-up DB;  Pat White and JD Folsum are out of the league; John Nalbone and Patrick Turner are with other teams.

2010 Draft: Impact player – none;  Odrick missed all of 2010 and only started 7 of 16 games in 2011 but did show that he can be a solid player (at a position which Ireland took Langford and Merling in 2008) and get some sacks; Dolphins are looking to replace Misi whom Ireland said would be a passing rush specialist; John Jerry and Nolan Carroll and Reshard Jones are back-ups “competing” for starting positions in 2012; Spitler is a back-up or special teamer; AJ Edds is currently listed with Indianapolis; Chris McCoy is out of the league.

2011 Draft: Impact Player – Mike Pouncey, starter for day 1, solid and should get better (side note, wouldn’t have been needed if Ireland didn’t trade away Satele for nothing); Daniel Thomas (really 2 picks) was injured and didn’t live up  to promise in his rookie season as an impact and every-down back and the Dolphins signed a CFL RB to the backfield; Clyde Gates showed he has speed, but not much else with only 2 receptions for 19 yards; Charles Clay showed flashes of what he could become at TE but couldn’t supplant Fasano and the Dolphins re-signed Fasano to be the “#1” TE in 2012; Frank Kearse was cut before the 2011 season and played for Carolina in 2011; Jimmy Wilson is a back-up “competing” for a starting position in 2012.

The 2012 Draft is in the hands of Jeff Ireland who selected back-ups or players who couldn’t play in the NFL with 29 of 33 picks in the last 4 drafts.

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